Acrylic challenges? Put us to work for you!

Since 2008, we’ve combined supplying quality, consistent acrylic materials with our technical assistance.

Acrylic DisPlay

Through Professional Acrylic, we create novel and unique creative solutions for our customers by adhering to their specifications and idea

acrylic display

Acrylic display stand for showcase your products. Display board has a very important role in rising your brand in standard. We offer multiple size and thickness to allow you to create a perfect look. If you want a custom size, material, or thickness, let us know

acrylic signs

Acrylic signs are part of our more exclusive range of signs and are suitable for door or company signs. We offer extensive range of acrylic signs. Text and image are printed digitally or Engraved onto the surface of the sign.

acrylic flower box

We are a professional and powerful supplier of acrylic products in China. We are specialized in manufacturing various acrylic products including acrylic displays, acrylic photo frames and gifts.